March 24th, 2010

Long time no post |D

Look at all the shiny new friends~
Big welcome to [info]lyrica, [info]otakubox, [info]fizzyopolis, [info]moltres and [info]kanthia , as well my BFF [info]spikedkanine.

For those that don't know my name's Giselle, I'm 16, in my last year of high school (wooo 2010!!) and I live on a piece of limestone, surrounded my water and other pieces of limestone somewhere between Florida and Cuba (a.k.a. The Bahamas.) I like drawing, reading, anime, traveling and learning new things.

BTW, I'm going to Spain tomorrow so if  I don't comment, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth... unless... you know. But hopefully on our night over in Miami I can finally get my Silver~ And some books that I need to buy.