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So I'm doing a quiz.

[ ] kissed a stranger
[ ] saved a historical landmark/thing
[x] cried because a character in a book died (I like characters. Especially minor ones)
[ ] wished life was like a book/tv show
[ ] switched places/names with a person for a day
[x] been to another country (More than many people. Lots in Europe.)
[ ] been arrested
[ ] been suspended from school
[ ] had a close relative who died (not et. dreading the day.)
[x] listened to a band you've never heard of and loved it (all the time)
[x] been in the newspaper (twice or three times? For Cultural Fair thing.)
[x] been on TV (same as newspaper)
[x] punched someone
[ ] swallowed money (a penny)
[x] seen a ghost
[x] been to the mall without parental supervision
[ ] been to a strip club
[ ] worked at a fast food restaurant
[ ] been in a band, not including school orchestras
[ ] seen a ufo
[ ] called a friend for emotional support
[x] thought about suicide (what would happen if i did)
[ ] fallen in love with someone you've never seen
[x] had a friend online
[x] felt insane
[ ] been wind surfing
[ ] had a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] cried with a stranger
[ ] helped someone get over a break-up
[ ] been in a science fair
[ ] invented something that ended up not working
[x] been in a car accident
[x] been in an after-school activity
[ ] taken a class at a college (GED Testing)
[ ] told someone your secrets
[x] broke a promise
[x] stayed up and watched television all night
[ ] stayed up past 3 AM
[ ] drank more than two Red Bulls in one sitting
[ ] eaten more than five candy bars in one sitting
[x] danced in the school hallway
[x] laughed at a funny joke you remembered in public, and people stared at you funny (yes. there's nothing wrong with it either)

School's unofficially over (exams are done) so I'm happy. A good friend of mine is leaving though, to go live in Barbados. But so is the life of a minister's daughter.

Also, I wrote and AU Phoenix Wright fanfiction for my Language essay and it was 'exceptional'.
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